Happy New Year All!

‘Most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel’ Kevin Trudeau.

This is so true and something I realised and experienced after I went on my first health and wellbeing retreat. I had no idea that by eating the right food for my body and exercising well I could feel quite so brilliant. I felt more energised, lighter, focussed, toned and I definitely weighed less - all as a result of a balanced and finely tuned exercise and health regime. This is what our 5 day Pure Vitality retreats have been designed to deliver. I feel so proud that we have been able to source and engage experts in their areas to evolve finely tuned programmes that deliver long term results for each and every one of our clients. It’s not about deprivation or hardship, it’s not about a short term fix, it’s about making positive changes to your lifestyle so you can experience how good your body is designed to feel now and into the future.

I have very strong negative views on short term fixes, what’s the point? To feel really, really good you need to be able to sustain the changes you have made. You need to be able to take these changes back into everyday life and continue to be the best you can be. There shouldn’t be any stress around this, it shouldn’t feel like an added pressure, it should come naturally once you have learned how and why. A short term fix only serves to make you feel worse once ‘real life’ kicks back in. What we want is to work with our guests to not only help them feel what it’s like to be at their optimum health and fitness but also how easy it is to take this home and integrate into everyday life.

Carolyn's and my trip to France was a huge success and we achieved everything we set out to do – crisp early starts and late nights by the fire didn’t feel like work (just in case you were starting to feel sorry for us!). We mapped beautiful scenic walks for each of the 5 days, we bought equipment, we met and tested our Pilates and yoga teachers and I experienced the best sports massage I have ever had. Our guests will be able to choose between a sports, aromatherapy or Swedish massage every single day. Our carefully selected team is truly awesome and we are all genuinely excited to get the show on the road!

As well as having designed and finalised our Pure Rejuvenation and Pure Vitality Retreats we have also finalised our Midlife Unstuck Retreat with expert Lucia Knight. By offering a bespoke programme for each of our guests, whether they want to tweak their careers or completely transform their working lives, our carefully choreographed retreat balances one on one and group exercises mixed together with guided walks, physical exercise and daily massages to allow our guests the time, expertise and space to work out what they need to do to banish those Sunday Night Blues. Imagine waking up each and every day bursting with energy loving what you do for a living! Lucia has helped her clients achieve this time and time again with her proven method. We will send you a copy of her new book ‘Dare to Hope’ just email us at contact@pure-retreats.com to receive your copy – click here to take a peak at the cover. A brilliant read featuring before and after insights from interviews with successful career changers in their 40’s and 50’s.

So it’s back to school for the kids today allowing a little time to re-focus on what we need to function at our optimum and in turn be the best we can be for our families. We look forward to a fabulous 2018 and to welcoming and transforming the lives of each and every one of our guests in SW France!

Happy New Year All! xx

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