Our Doors Are Officially Open

Extremely tough week this week, my mother has been told that her cancer has spread and she has to go back onto a super strong chemo cocktail. Obviously this is a devastating blow for all of us but whereas a few months ago I would have gone to pieces, it strengthened my resolve to make Pure Retreats everything we have planned and more. It is so important to me that she sees me doing something I love, something that brings me contentment, fulfillment and happiness. It has increased my energy and drive to deliver our dream.

We have been finalising the first schedule of retreats for 2018, and have launched with the rejuvenation retreat scheduled for January 2018. Fabulously we are already fully booked! We launched on Facebook and have been promoting ourselves on Instagram and by word of mouth and BOOM! – we have our first guests. We have sent out our freshly designed booking confirmations and Winter kit list – flights and transfers are booked – this is all brilliantly real now!

We have spoken with all our guests to answer any questions they have and to run through the programme with them. We want to make sure that we know each person before they arrive so the retreat can be finely tuned and tailored making it the most effective transformational experience possible.

Carolyn and I are heading over to the house in France in 10 days to meet with our Pilates specialist and to generally run-round making sure preparations are finalised. Vanessa our Pilates instructor makes sure that each session is different and uses a range of props from medicine balls, foam rollers, bands and exercise balls to target specific areas. Pilates is so effective for elongating the body whilst toning and strengthening the core. Some of the exercises are super intense and other more mindful and gentle – a perfect balance. With a daily hour-long session to start the day, our guests will be raring to go and ready for a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

We are also going to buy the remainder of the equipment needed for the optional afternoon exercise sessions, these include yoga mats, exercise balls, weights, kettle bells and a 65kg tractor tyre. I’ll explain that one later!

Our trip will also involve visiting the large organic supermarket to ensure all specific provisions needed are available and we have a meeting with our housekeeping team to ensure the daily cleaning duties are fully understood - it’s all in the detail!

Finally, I have a meeting this week with Lucia Knight of MidlifeUnstuck who is our Pure Transformation professional – she will be running our 5 Day Pure Transformation Retreat in March. Lucia runs a highly successful business helping people who are feeling stuck or trapped in a career that no longer suits them. Her finely tuned 5-day programme also features energising exercise sessions and stunning French countryside walks and promises to sell out as quickly as January's Pure Rejuvenation. I will fill you in on the detail after the meeting in my next post! Have a fabulous, fulfilling week all!

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