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I’m discovering that operating a fledgling business with a partner, is a very different discipline than anything I’ve experienced before. A couple of things are completely new to me. Firstly that operating with a very motivated, equal partner is much better for discipline and focus than working alone (which is really great!). Secondly, operating with a very motivated, equal partner requires much more discipline and focus than working alone (which can feel like pressure!)

In my previous work incarnations, usually working for myself, my time management has been my own. I’m used to scheduling my day exactly as I please. Also, when a task needs doing, I do it and its done. TICK! I now have to deal with a much wider group of people. I have to sit and wait for email replies to take the next step on a task and we both run everything past each other to reassure ourselves that we are always singing from the same hymn sheet because we both strive for nothing less than perfect for our guests

Its a brilliant motivator but BOY does it challenge my organisational skills. I have had to seek out the things that work for ME and that, I’m learning, is the key. We all have such vastly different strengths and weaknesses that there can really be no fail-safe blueprint for how to make a new career an uplifting experience. I have ditched my standard Christmas gift of a beautiful upmarket leather dairy and have, instead bought my first laptop. The online calendar is something I’ve assiduously avoided since forever. Now, my appointments and reminders are straight in and shared with all who needed to be ‘in the know’, although I have made a few howlers, I’m getting there, fully synced and ready to roll.

My next issue that needed addressing was starting one thing and being distracted by another, subsequently finishing neither. There are a plethora of productivity and time management apps available but if I set a phone timer for 10 or 20 minutes for a task, its actually gets done. A simple solution for a problem that was causing me to criticise myself and question my ability. Now, I‘m almost verging on the smug!

We need to take a step back and trust ourselves to view our flaws as small and surmountable and our strengths as absolutely bloody brilliant and to applaud ourselves for them. Take praise graciously and take anything else as nothing other than helpful and constructive pointers.

Re-entering the workplace, or making a seismic shift in careers as we have done, can be a very scary proposition, in fact, our PURE Transformation Retreat with Midlife Unstuck covers exactly that. On our tailored, tried and tested programme, Lucia Knight guides you towards the career you always deserved.

If you dread going into work or know you should be more fulfilled than you currently are, take a look at the details and testimonials, and you too can find the confidence and self awareness you need to be happy in your chosen field. We’d love to support you in the next exciting new chapter of Project YOU.

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