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I have to regularly pinch myself – I am chomping at the bit to do more, more, more but we need the final tweaks to be made on the site before we can go for our big launch. I have spent the last few days immersed in online social media podcasts and workshops trying to understand how the social media jungle works. I’m getting it! I’m actually getting it! The really strange thing is that if you had asked me to learn this for my data business I would have moaned and procrastinated (and obviously still done it) but this honestly doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a purpose, an exciting, fun, exhilarating mission. Whenever I’ve read the statement ‘when you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work’ I knew it had to be true but had never experienced it. Now I understand completely. I am living it! I can’t wait to work with our guests to help them discover and share this feeling on our Pure Transformation Retreat.

Last night our big, fluffy, luxurious branded bath robes arrived along with gorgeous slippers for each of our guests. The excitement reached fever pitch here when Carolyn sent me the pic. Such a simple thing made it absolutely real.

I have been cracking on with ordering branded uniform for our amazing chefs, masseuses, Pilates teacher, Carolyn and I. Smart lime green polo shirts with our logo (Carolyn persuaded me that I could carry off lime green, I am thinking I may need a new winter make-up palette to carry this off with conviction!), dark leggings and fab branded hoodies for when we’re out on our daily hikes.

We have also been spending a huge amount of time crafting the schedules for our transformative experiences. We want to offer our guests a host of different experiences to choose from as we are more than aware that life is a journey and different experiences are needed at different times in our lives. Sometimes we need a health reboot, fitness and body confidence, sometimes detox, sometimes a perfect environment for relaxation and peace. Sometimes guidance to help make real world decisions about direction and careers.

With this in mind we have been seeking out in person and online the very best people out there in their specific fields. We have the most amazing Raw Food Detox Chef Gareth Evans confirmed for a very specific and effective 7 day rejuvenation retreat, a more exercise based weight loss 5 day wellness retreat with host chef

@linamytasteofhealth who is a plant based food and medicine guru and an incredible Transformation 5 day retreat run by Lucia Knight of MidlifeUnstuck. Each retreat brings something uniquely crafted so we can ensure we are offering people the right experience no matter where they are currently in their lives. Inspirational yoga retreats are ‘under construction’ and soon to be added to our growing schedule of retreats. We’re meeting some incredibly gifted, passionate advocates of their crafts along this uncharted path.

All this set in complete luxury – we’re are definitely not creating a bootcamp – why not make these transformative experiences fun, uplifting and luxurious. Pure Retreats are for people who want to make a change but want to do it in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Each retreat will feature a daily hike – up to 2/3 hours in the stunning French countryside. I find walking extremely therapeutic whether it’s a case of getting fresh air and exercise or whether I simply need thinking time hence why we’ve made this an integral part of each day. Walking in the French countryside can’t help but leave you feeling invigorated, alive, positive and clear headed. I’m spending time planning the circular routes ready for Carolyn and I to test when we are over in France in a few days time. We want the walks to be scenic and inspiring whilst also being challenging and exerting. I am also meeting with a walking veteran in the area who is going to take me on a few of his favourite routes – I can’t wait!

We are going to be including a daily massage (before supper) for every guest in the comfort of their own room. We want to offer guests the choice of a relaxing, pampering massage through to a more hardcore deep tissue/sports massage depending on how they’re feeling on the day. We have spent a serious amount of time tracking down the very best masseuses the area has to offer AND have found Iain Ward who has moved his practice from London recently and Julie Cooper who was also UK based. Iain offers deep tissue and sports massage and Julie beautifully holistic pressure point, swedish massage and a specialist head massage. Our guests can choose on the day depending on how they are feeling. Obviously Carolyn and I have had to test both masseuses before confirming them for our guests so have booked in treatments on our next trip. It’s a hard life!

FOOD!!!!!! We need to test our chefs before hiring. We simply have to – food is simply the MOST important element of the day (for me anyway!). I have been on many retreats over the years – all vegetarian and have been in awe of the delicious vegetarian meals created. But I want the meals we provide to be more. I want our guests to be blown away at how dishes can be so delicious yet healthy and vegetarian all at the same time. We want mealtimes to be one of the highlights of the day, they will be a sustaining, high end, luxurious treat, with dinner served in the gorgeous dining room at our beautifully laid table. A perfect chance for our like minded gusts to catch up on the day, giggle, share stories and experiences and inspire each other. We are working on menu plans and sampling currently – pics to follow. Needless to say I am not looking at this as a hardship.

So next on the list, awaiting arrival of our premium sustainable water bottles for each guest, luxurious and ethical toiletries for our bedrooms, fluffy towels and rich elegant bed-linen that our guests can sink into for the most peaceful nights sleep ever plus loads more to make each stay truly remarkable. I’ll keep you posted!

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