PURE Transformation

PURE Transformation by “MidlifeUnstuck” is a truly life-changing 5 day, immersive residential retreat by Lucia Knight which will kick-start a career transformation to one which is designed around your strengths to offer more joy, fulfilment and satisfaction. Combined with delicious healthy food, spectacular mind clearing walks and gentle exercise this programme will leave you feeling clear headed, excited about your future and with a clear direction of what’s next for you.

What is “MidlifeUnstuck”?

MidlifeUnstuck is a career transformation coaching business aimed specifically at successful mid-lifers who are feeling “trapped” or simply “stuck” in a career that no longer suits them.

Feeling “stuck” is often difficult to define clearly but typically these are some of the common threads in the stories my clients tell me:

  • They have built successful careers yet experience Sunday evening blues, every Sunday evening;

  • They don't feel challenged and can’t remember the last time they learned something new;

  • They often feel bored, that their talents aren’t being used and they are unable to see an exciting next step.

  • Their dissatisfaction at work has begun to seep into life outside work - to a level that is becoming more and more unacceptable (symptoms here have included everything from bringing work stress home, insomnia, burnout, feeling low about the future, grumpiness at home, never talking about work at home/always talking about how bad work is at home);

  • They have begun to notice that their organisational culture jars with their natural style and feel like they are hiding their real selves at work;

  • They feel as though they are living their work life on a repeating loop;

  • They often have experienced a recent difficult event in their personal lives (e.g. personal health scare, elderly parent's illness or a partner being made redundant) which has triggered deep thought about their future.

  • They very simply want more from their career...more satisfaction, more challenge and more enjoyment.

What to expect

Lucia Knight from MidlifeUnstuck is a career transformation specialist with a background in Psychology and 20 years of board level head-hunting experience who has re-designed her Discovery Package to suit this immersive, transformational experience.

Over the 5 day retreat, in between treatments, exercise and fabulous food you will...

  • Have thought about your career more than ever before to be able to make deliberate, considered changes.

  • Uncovered your individual brilliance – the very specific combination of strengths that differentiate the way you work from the rest of the world.

  • Have a one-to-one evaluation on your top 5 strengths and understand why using these more often would bring infinitely more joy to your working life.

  • Understand the environments which allow you to excel and to operate at your best.

  • Walk away with a re-designed career profile which includes: the top 5 strengths you will need to use in your work to feel more joy; the environments which allow you to operate at your best; the environments you need to avoid; the specific life goals that your work will enable; clarity around the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from doing joyful work and ideas on how to overcome them. Finally you’ll also be jumping on your plane home buzzing with ideas on how you can re-design your career to get paid to do much more fulfilling and fun work.

The Specifics


  • Complete two on-line psychological profiles which will be analysed before you jump on your plane

  • Pre-arrival questionnaire and two thinking assignments.

Retreat Schedule

  • Day 1: Arrival, delicious light lunch followed by group discovery session.

  • Thinking assignments – delivered to your room every evening.

  • Day 2: One-to-one consultation. Uplifting countryside walk, exercise and stretch, massage.

  • Day 3: Group discovery session. Uplifting countryside walk, stretch and breathe

  • Day 4: One-to-one consultation. Pilates, stretch and meditation.

  • Day 5: Group career profile session


This is a truly unique transformational experience where you get the opportunity to focus on your future career. Discover the confidence-giving power of really getting under the skin of your brilliance whilst being supported by delicious, nutritious food, restorative activities and stress-releasing exercise.


Read Lucia’s articles on mid-life career change, books and testimonials at www.midlifeunstuck.com

*Travel and transport is not included. Please contact us and we     can help arrange transfers from Bergerac or Bordeaux airports. 

Price includes...
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PURE Transformation by 'MidlifeUnstuck' 
Rooms & Rates

  • Daily massage in your room

  • Treatments

  • Workshops

  • Classes

  • Towelling robe

  • Slippers

  • Hairdryer

  • Toiletries

  • Water bottle

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga blanket

  • Pool & bath towels

Superking Garden View
Superking Garden View

With en-suite bathroom. Single €2,450 or double occupancy €3,500.

Superking or Twin
Superking or Twin

With en-suite bathroom. Single €2,400 or twin/double occupancy €3,400

Kingsize Room
Kingsize Room

With en-suite shower. Single €2,300, double occupancy €3,300

Grand Shared Attic
Grand Shared Attic
Grand Shared Attic
Grand Shared Attic

Perfect for two or three friends to share. Price is €1,450 per person based on 3 sharing or €1,850 per person based on 2 sharing.

Grand Shared Attic
Grand Shared Attic


January 2018 - SOLD OUT

February 2018 - SOLD OUT

March 14th - 18th 2018 - PLACES AVAILABLE

September 2018 (dates TBC)